At VentureNest Partners, our mission is to enable tech start-ups and SMEs to build a strong global profile and gain access to valuable overseas markets through mentorship, business development, and other critical capabilities such as strategic engagements and partnerships. We aim to connect tech start-ups and SMEs with Silicon Valley, and accelerate their development and leadership around the world.

We are in the heart of the Silicon Valley eco-system, which is the world’s premier venue to establish and proliferate new technologies globally.  VentureNest Partners is a single-source provider of a broad range of  corporate and global market development services for high-tech companies and startups. Our funding and M&A advisory services are a critical piece of the capability we offer with our investment and M&A partners as well.

Having a vast global network of industry luminaries and thought leaders, we have in-depth experience creating marketing strategies, developing global business alliances, and planning industry events, tech-focused events, and seminars.  Our technical and marketing expertise can be utilized to connect, accelerate, and promote our client’s businesses. 

VentureNest Partners has now grown to be at the forefront of taking technology companies to the next level and help them tap into new market opportunities and global expansion.

Global Startup Eco-System Builder

Global Business Launch Pad

Bringing Innovative Technologies to Market

Fostering Innovation and Growth through Technology Enhancement



The  VentureNest Team

Stephanie Son

Founder / CEO 

Investor Relations

Strategic Partnerships

Greg Quinn

Managing Partner


Mobile Technology

John Doricko


M&A Advisory

Business Development


Jim Connor

Exe. Producer, Game Changers SV

Member, Sand Hill Angels

CEO, First Focus Learning Systems

Rob Neivert

Investment Partner, 500 Startups

David Emerson

Principal, Greendale Ventures

M&A Advisory & General Counsel

 Harvard Business School Angels

Jon Baer

Managing Partner, Threshold Ventures

Co-Author of

Decoding Silicon Valley

Bryan Failing

Founder, Cortex Law Group

Domestic & International Patent

Rex Northen

CEO, Merexa, LLC

Entrepreneurship & Cleantech




At VentureNest, we work closely with our clients in an open and honest manner. We take the time to understand each client's business, market, and goals with respect to their ever-increasing business needs. As such, we are capable of implementing various accelerator programs for our clients effectively and efficiently.


  • Startup Bootcamp Program

  • Online Mentoring Program

  • Global Market Access Program

  • Post – Accelerator Program




GMS (Global Marketing Strategy)

Our company helps clients develop marketing strategies and engage new markets and regions, based on proven methods for branding, competing, and building success. We also develop strategies for messaging and effectively communicating when engaging with potential customers, business partners, and investors to deliver a world class experience.


  • Benchmark Program

  • Go-To-Global/Market Program

  • Business Development Program

GAP (Global Alliances Program)  

We have been supporting innovative technology startups and SMEs to access overseas markets. As a dedicated supporter of businesses around the world, our company continues to be at the forefront of trade, M&A, and investment activities to help them tap into new market opportunities.


  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Strategic Investment

  • Technology Sourcing

  • Technology Licensing, JV, M&A 

GEM (Global Event Management)

At VentureNest, we work closely with our clients in an open and honest manner. We take the time to understand each client's business, market, and goals with respect to their ever increasing business needs. As such, we are able to plan various events for our clients effectively and efficiently.

  • Startup Bootcamp Event

  • B2B TechMatch

  • Industry/Tech Focused Seminar



Since VentureNest's inception in 2014, we have been involved in some of the most intriguing events to help technology companies create a global profile

and enter the U.S. Market.


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